Family Law

Samantha has represented numerous clients facing divorce, custody, and parenting time battles. She has also assisted unmarried clients in receiving equitable distributions of property and debt after the termination of long-term relationships.
She has represented clients at all stages, whether they are just terminating a relationship or after having been divorced for many years and are in need of a modification to their custody, child support or parenting time.

Both Samantha and Connie have represented clients in adoption proceedings. Adoptions are one of the more rewarding areas in which the firm has represented clients. The firm has handled simple step-parent adoptions, uncontested adoptions, and those involving the termination of parental rights. The firm has represented clients on both sides of such cases – those seeking to terminate a parent’s rights and those seeking to maintain their parental rights.

The firm’s goal is to help their clients reach the best possible outcome during these emotionally charged times in their lives.